Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lab Technicians, What even?

While pursuing my degree in biochemistry, I had this crazy notion that somehow when I go into the world, I would quickly ascend the ladder.

I had dreamed that I would contribute to the cures for diseases like Ebola, "Cancer", or HIV. These were diseases that I had heard about when I was young, and decided I wanted to do something about them.

To all you hopefuls out there: This won't be the case.

The world of research isn't this magic place where everybody works together for the common good of humanity. Sorry to burst that bubble. Scientists play favorites, and can be very uncooperative.

The world of research has bosses and managers, just like any other job. There are expectations and deadlines. Gone is the forgiving world of academia. Research, and the life of a lab technician, is a treacherous minefield.

People who are in the field are often close minded and afraid of change. New ideas are risky, and potentially costly. Research is as much a game of politics as it is searching for the keys to the secrets of the world.

Expect to work with these people, and be prepared for the reality of product centered research.

That's all for now; stay focused for next time.

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